Top Sailing Movies to Fuel Your Motivation

Your team motivation went down and don't know what to do? Here we have a little trick, watch some of this movies with your team and you will see how the team unites and the motivation goes way up!

Top Sailing Movies to Fuel Your Motivation
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When I was sailing in Optimist, many coaches I had would put me and my teammates to watch a movie about a regatta. Maybe it was because we couldn't sail that day, or just to have a movie-night all the team.

The truth is that I don't really remember if I liked that plan or not, I just remember that they did it.

Now, being a coach myself, I have used that same resource with my students. And let me tell you that when we show a movie that tells an inspiring story about a regatta or a sailor, the kids motivation goes way up!

Another great reason to watch movies together is because it is a great form of team building.

By all watching the same movie, a feeling of motivation and admiration spreads among everyone and suddenly, the kids are speaking the same language with each other and with the coach. We tell the same jokes and the same anecdotes. It is simply amazing.

What's more, they go home and tell their parents about the movie they saw and tell them they must see it!

It's amazing, but the simple act of sharing such a simple moment with each other has a huge impact on the group.

That's why in this post we leave you with a list of movies to watch with your sailors, family or friends.

Netflix UNTOLD: The Race of the Century

Untold: the race of the century (2022)

"The crew of the yacht Australia II recalls the motivation, dedication and innovation that led to their historic victory in the 1983 America's Cup." This is Netflix's summary of the movie.

The movie recreates the regatta by interviewing all the competitors: winners and losers.

It is a documentary, but it is very easy for preadolescents and teenagers to watch. It's a new movie, that means the format of the film is very well adapted to the new generations.

Really interesting to watch, we watched it with kids between 10 and 13 years old and a when it was over they applauded! 🤩

Netflix: True Spirit

True spirit (2023)

This movie tells the story of Jessica Watson pursuing her dream of becoming the youngest sailor to attempt a solo global circumnavigation.

It's a fiction based on her real story. A very easy to watch movie, super interesting and inspiring.

This movie is about pursuing your dreams although the path is really tough and sometimes you will want to give up. But Jessica keeps moving forward, overcoming the obstacles that come her way.

You totally can watch this movie with children, and they will love it.

Epic tales of the world of sports

Netflix: Untold Caitlyn Jenner
Netflix: Untold breaking Point

Untold: Caitlyn Jenner | Untold: Breaking Point

Ok... we are HUGE fans of Untold. This series is so good, that it is acutally difficult for us to reccomend just some chapters. You wont regret it, go and see the inspiring story of Caitlyn Jenner; and how the paradigm of mental health in sport changes in Breaking Point.

King Richard

This is the story of how the father of Venus and Serena Williams raises his daughters as tennis superstars.

A really nice movie that makes us wonder what is the limit when it comes to raising/training athletic children.

Here ends our list of recommendations, so grab some popcorn, sit back, and let these cinematic journeys on the high seas fuel your motivation for your next sailing adventure!

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